Jasmine. But please, call me Jas! I am the host, content creator, and face behind theflogirls. I'm 26, a pisces, and a down south Georgia girl. Remember when people use to say that? DSGB, DSGG- I think only GA natives can relate. Anywho, I've been building my brand for almost two years now so yes it's fairly new and yes this is my baby! Not too long ago I decided that I wanted to do something different with my brand. Everyone takes interest in different ways- some like to listen, others like to watch, and then there's those that like to read. Well readers, this one's for you! I want to give my supporters who read a little Carrie Bradshaw experience mixed with some culture. I'm so excited for this rebrand and to start blogging my experiences with you all. From love to career to just random life sh*t! Posts will be bi-weekly, just like my podcast episodes. You see what I'm doing here? So, if you haven't already subscribe to theflogirls! There will be so many perks; exclusive discounts, notifications of new releases, and even content that I made JUST FOR YOU- my subscribers! We FLOing through life y'all! Holla!

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