Moment of Clarity

Well February just flew by!

Although the past month is the shortest I learned some valuable things....

So I'm going to be honest ya girl has been exhausted these past few weeks and I wasn't really feeling like myself. On top of that, my menstrual cycles were a little wocky in December and January so naturally I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. Now before I get into the rest of this story I would like to take the time out to mention that I am soul grateful to have both a black physician and physician assistant who believes in holistic practices. The first option is NEVER medicine with them. It's always nutrition, exercise, and stress relief.

Now back to the story-

So I go in to talk with my PA, who is may add a woman, about my cycles and how i've been feeling lately.

SIDENOTE: I always felt like there's a disconnect talking to men about things they never will experience. You can study it, but experience is the best teacher.

Before you know it I was sitting in the office in tears! Both my PA and I realized that it was stress. Blood work was taken to make sure everything was good- which it was. So the bottom line answer was stress. I went over my day-to-day schedule with her and then she asked me "So, where's the time for you?" I sadly couldn't even answer her question. WOMEN, BLACK WOMEN ESPECIALLY, make time for you! From a very early age we are programmed to give so much of ourselves to others, but what about saving things for ourselves? I had been working so hard and dabbling in so many different things but somehow I just wasn't able to enjoy any fruits from my labor. Isn't that what work is for? To have the means to enjoy life? Why is that we get so stuck in just surviving that we forget to live? We forget to love on and nurture ourselves! It took my cycle getting off track for me to see that I needed to slow down. It took me breaking down in my doctor's office to realize I am overworking myself for a company that will just replace me if something ever happened. It took me being scared that something deeper was wrong for me realize I am overextending myself for people who don't even go that hard for me in return. This past month taught me that you have to make time for you. This past month taught me that it's good to work hard but it is even better to rest. This past month taught me that you have got to take care of you. Mind, body and soul.

SO. With that being said- March is here and I'm dedicating it to me! With March being my birth month (March 10th, pisces gang) I thought what better time to focus on all things ME?! Ladies, give yourself some extra love today. Go on a trip, use that PTO, relax at a spa, sh*t... sleep in! Whatever self-care looks like to you.... do it! Your body will thank you. Your mind will be at ease. Your soul will smile. And btw... it's Women's History Month and we're extending Black History to Melanin March. Don't let nobody or no thing stress you! I'll be back in a couple of weeks with an update. Chat soon! Peace!

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